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Creating Opportunities and Inspiring Those That Need A Chance

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“Chances are a gift that you can give.”

Everyone has a dream but not everyone has access to the opportunities that will help them to fulfill that dream.

All that is needed is that  one chance. It is human nature to support someone who needs a chance. As humans, we are driven by emotion. The emotion someone makes you feel is usually a good indicator that they may deserve a chance from you.

A Chance Outreach aims to pool together the resources from small and medium size business to help make a difference in the lives of people who are seeking a chance to improve their lives.



The following objectives of A CHANCE OUTREACH are:

1.  To inspire and create opportunities for youths to fulfill their dreams

2.  To play our part in alleviating poverty

3.  To contribute to the economic growth of Jamaica

4.  To improve the lives of people



1.   Education

2.   Health

3.   Welfare 

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