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In today’s digital world, spending time on social media has become almost second nature for many professionals and companies. With just a few clicks, we are able to send out a tweet or share content on our social media platform.

Most of us “start up” companies get overwhelmed as we understand the need to have a presence on the digital space but just cant find the time to plan our content. As such, we are left lagging behind with our marketing efforts.

Do not feel discouraged as there are tools available to get you more organized with planning your social media content and postings. SOLUTION – USE A CALENDER.

If the thought of building a social media calendar seems like a daunting task, don’t worry. Once you have everything in one place, you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it. Using a social media calender has several benefits.

1. It saves time & stress: With an organized calendar, you can plan and schedule all of your social media posts in advance instead of knocking it out on the day of. For example, If you know you have a new product launching next week, you can create the promotional copy, gather all of your materials, and schedule the post ahead of time. Creating and scheduling your posts ahead of time also reduces the risk of forgetting to post, will ensure your content is being published when your audience is active, and alleviate the fear of forgetting important dates.

2. It keeps you organized: With a content calendar, all of your posts for the week/month/year can be kept in one place. Seeing everything in one place can give you a better visual of what your feed will look like.

3. Ensures post consistency: When using a social media calendar, you can ensure no days or weeks will go without a single piece of content being published. This will create a consistent flow of activity on your company’s social media channels and help your brand develop its voice.

Social Media Content Calendar Tools

There are several free tools you can use to create your content calendar, Here are 2 of the popuar ones to use:

Google Sheets: Google Sheets is a great tool to create a social media calendar in. It’s free to use, very user friendly, and allows for collaboration among teams.

Sprout Social: Sprout Social is another content calendar/scheduling platform you can use to create your posts. It’s very user friendly and easy to connect social media accounts to. The beauty of Sprout Social is it’s bulk scheduling feature. If you have one post that you want to go out every Wednesday of the month, you can just click through the calendar and it will copy that post to each date you choose.

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