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As companies continue to adapt to the "new norm" and establish new standard operating procedures for their company and team, training will be required and must be a major area of focus.

Companies must become become customer-centric even now more than ever. There has been a global change and perspective on the consumer's interpretation and acceptance of culture, language and behaviour. As such, there will be a need for employees to be more sensitive to the consumers's needs. Employees must be fully aware of their approach, how they communicate and be culturally aware at all times.

Employers must also find creative ways to re-sensitize, engage, boost staff moral and focus on increasing productivity.

Use this slow period to plan training sessions that are aimed at building awareness on cultural diversity, enhancing the customer experience and also a session that will provide greater clarity on the way forward as a company.

KHADZCOMM is ready to create a customized training and public relations module for your team or a motivational session that will help to boost staff moral during this time.

Virtual sessions can also be arranged.

Call 876-449-6563 or email us at

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