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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Many small business owners view their business as a totally offline entity, pursuing traditional means to promote themselves and win new customers. However, regarding any business (from the largest enterprise to the sole trader, or anything in between) as purely offline is a risky strategy to take when your customers are spending more and more of their time online.

Harnessing the web as a business tool is important, even for businesses that may consider themselves as primarily offline. Beauty businesses, fitness businesses, plumbers, and any number of other service businesses ultimately all measure success by their ability to build offline relationships – and the web can play a huge part in that. So no matter how established your business is offline, it’s crucial to get the basics of online in place.

The minute you launch your business, make it a priority to set the online stage to promote your goods or services. I decided to do that as I measure my success by looking at the long haul. Overtime, the awareness will grow. I am already receiving leads generated from the traffic by having a website. It is not an huge amount at this stage but worthy for note and potential, considering I just launched my website. Like I said, you can't lose from having a website. In fact, it is a platform that if effectively designed and used, can reap even greater rewards.

Check out my post on E-Commerce entitled - "E COMMERCE, A MONSTER" (coming soon)

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