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We have less than 3 months before the year 2019 comes to a close. Have you started to assess and think of the strategic moves you need to make for the new year? What re the plans to boost the visibility of your brand in the market place? Many entrepreneurs tend to focus on the operation rather than marketing and PR simply because they see it as being very costly.

Small and medium size business may opt for a PR consultant over in-house marketing. PR consultants also have the right contacts to deliver immediate results that are worth your investment. Here are seven reasons to hire a PR consultant to help you strategize on press releases, media relations, speaking engagements, and marketing.

1.PR consultants are experts who bring years of experience, strategies, and marketing tactics

2. In addition to PR consultation, you have an opportunity to ask us for advice on business strategies including small business marketing, social media management, custom blogging service, graphic design, online branding, and online business promotion. PR consultants are also professional writers who can tackle any of your writing needs or on-going business projects

3. PR consultants always look for new and innovative ways to promote your business which includes researching new strategies or adopting them from successful media activities.

4. Because PR consultants work directly with the public, they tend to think like reporters including interviewing sources, researching, and meeting tight publishing deadlines. You also have a direct voice to communicate both internally and externally with the media.

5. PR consultants know how to get the best results. Most businesses must figure these things out on-the-job which takes a lot of time and money gaining credentials, making contacts, and determining a PR strategy. PR consultants also know how to leverage connections.

6. Most critically, you save a lot financially because you do not have to hire an employee full-time or pay for insurance, benefits, or vacation time. You also only pay for the time you need us which gives you the best return on your public relations investment.

7. Before hiring a PR consultant, you need to take the time to determine your needs. Do you want to promote marketing campaigns? Do you want to consult on how best to support your business online? Identifying initial concepts allow you to develop a marketing plan as well as incorporate new strategies that your consultant will recommend. Here are a few questions that we think you should ask before you strategize and develop a PR plan.

· What is the range of services a PR consultant will provide?

· Does the cost equal the value of the PR services offered?

· How much time will the PR consultant commit to your business?

· What media credentials does the PR consultant have?

· How diverse is the consultant’s media reach?

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