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At KHADZCOMM, we believe in the philosophy of "holism" where a business and its parts are considered as one interconnected entity and where all activities are directed towards one specific goal.

A holistic marketing concept focuses on one single goal. That is, a great customer experience. As such, all the services, processes and activities should be directed towards that common goal. It is with this in mind that KHADZCOMM has tailored its services to incorporate internal, integrated, performance and relationship marketing in its overall delivery to our clients.

1. Relationship Marketing - Ensuring there is a long term relationship rather than adapting to short term goals.

2. Integrated Marketing - Creating a unified approach and experience for the customer to interact with the brand by designing and directing all communication - public relations, advertising, digital marketing, direct marketing, sales promotion). This approach guarantees a strong and focused brand image.

3. Internal Marketing - Developing and executing strategies to engage the employees. This marketing process is important as it helps to communicate the company's vision.

4. Performance Marketing - monitoring the sales process.

The implementation of a holistic marketing approach will result in consistent brand visibility, efficiency by reducing the company's time and money and increasing effectiveness which is aimed at reinforcing the company's brand image and message.

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