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KHADZCOMM celebrates WORLD TOURISM DAY under the theme: Tourism for Inclusive Growth.

The will to travel and seeing different places will forever be inscribed in our hearts. However, the tourism industry has faced a major repercussion of the pandemic.

Marginalized communities and daily wage earners have faced the burnt of it. It is therefore important for us to continue to support the government and its various stakeholders in an effort to revive the tourism economy and revenue.

The economic and social impact has been felt far beyond the sector itself with millions of livelihood in jeopardy. The inconsistent mechanism designed to promote travel then create a pause in international travel has created doubts on the extent to which travel is safe. As such, tourism workers and more so those from marginalized communities are uncertain on the sustainability in recovery strategies.

Working inclusively means getting everyone behind the vision of tourism. This is the only way tourism's full recovery reach the people and communities that need it most.

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